Attracting Visitors

Without a marketing plan, your web site may be lost in an ocean of competing sites. If you are uncertain about how popular your site is, please request our free analysis.

Fortunately, there are many ways to market your business online, all of which are more cost-effective and measurable than print advertising. Here, we are discussing the ones that give the most return on your advertising investment.

1. Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing your web site for the search engines is the core of any traffic building program since it is the most cost effective way to attract prospects. Unfortunately, it takes three to six months of effort before this type of program generates large amounts of traffic. Landing Page(s) may be used to attract visitors for search terms that are not emphasized by the web site itself.

2. Pay-for-Click Program: The impact of this program is immediate - within days of submitting your application. Unlike search engine optimizing where your web site is modified to make it attractive to the engines, this is paid advertising. We use Google Adwords and Overture to ramp-up the number of qualified visitors to your web site.

Let's compare how much it costs you to acquire leads. Assume that search engine optimization produces a modest 6.5 additional visitors per day or 200 more monthly visitors. Not bad, since these are people that are looking for your services and once you achieve a top position, little effort is required to maintain that position. So, it easily could generate as many as 2,400 visitors per year at a cost of about 50 cents per visitor. In contrast, top positions in pay-per-click services, such as Overture, may cost as much as $1 to $6 per visitor.

3. Pay-per-Lead Program: If your target customer is a small business, this may be the program for you. After enrolling in this program, you receive leads from prospects that are requesting your products or services. If you respond to a lead, you pay a fee ranging between $2.50 and $20, depending upon the lead service and buyer request. Note: the lead service limits the number of replies to roughly ten competing businesses. This is your most expensive Internet advertising method, but has the advantages of taking only a few days to set-up and pre-qualifying buyers. Popular providers are and

4. Local Ad Program: This is relatively inexpensive and compares favorably to traditional Yellow Page Advertising. Based around your physical presence (i.e., store), this type of advertising has an immediate impact.

5. Social Media Program: Networks, like FaceBook and Twitter, complete your program, using the Web for word-of-mouth advertising. Social media campaigns can be as personal as LinkedIn.

6. E-mail Program: Send one email to many people at once with each message personalized to the recipient. (Visit for more detail). Email campaigns are most effective for existing customers or individuals that know your business.