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Do you know what Email Phishing is?


Phishing is online identity theft. Phishing involves an e-mail fraud method in which the cyber criminal sends out legitimate-looking email for the purpose of gathering personal and financial information from recipients. The messages appear to come from well-established and trustworthy Web sites such as a bank or financial institution. These messages ask for password, credit card, or other account updates

A Future RP Design Web Design Programmer in the Making

We have good news–the stork has delivered as promised the birth of Daniel Markov! We are delighted to hear of your baby Daniel.  Everyone here sends their congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Svetoslav Markov on their new addition to the family! A future RP Design Design Web Programmer in the making.

We wish you and your new little boy Daniel Markov health and every happiness. Congratulations on this addition to your family.

Best Regards,

Web Redesign for Entertainer Chaz Marquette

22 feet in the air...
That's the way high-energy comedian Chaz Marquette does every performance.
He unicycles, he juggles,he performs incredible stunts and feats of balance that will blow your mind. And he gives his all...without the benefit of a safety belt.
He has been doing unicycle stunts since 1980. At one point he trained 9 hours a day, 4 days a week and won 5th place in freestyle at the World Unicycle Competition. Visit Chaz Marquette at

Mobile Website


Okay, you have an excellent website. When searchers go online using their desktop or laptops and arrive at your website, it provides a positive positioning of your business and services. It offers, states why they should do business with you, ensures them of your credibility,and issues to call to action. 

RP Design Web Services Receives Better Business Bureau Website Marketing Message Award

 RP Design Web Services, a top Connecticut web marketing agency, is a 2012 recipient of the BBB Website Marketing Message Award. Beyond an A+ vendor rating, this is the third time RP Design has won this prestigious award that is granted to businesses whose website exemplifies ethical marketing practices, educating consumers with detailed information about products, services and/or industry.

We Launch the New Website for Safety Tank of Maryland Inc.


Since 2005 Safety Tank of Maryland has been a leader in propane recycling.  Safety Tank helps their clients reduce waste and keep their facility safe from  potential hazards of discarded propane tanks. Visit Safety Tank of Maryland at

They asked RP Design Web Services for a site to promote and brand their propane recycling business.

Safeguarding Your Business


Hosting is more than simply paying to keep your website up, it is also keeping your business safe.
In the web world of hackers and crackers, all websites are vulnerable to hacking even major corporations. When you host with RP Design Web Services, we strive to keep your web presence safe and secure.  However, it is important to keep your website up-to-date. Aging code, password exposure, etc. may put your website at risk.

Premium Plus E-mail Upgrade


Good News! 
We have increased the amount of storage for each of your mailboxes to 25 GB from the original 10 GB at no cost to you for Premium Plus E-mail. This upgrade vastly increases the number of e-mail messages and attachments that you can store in your mailbox.
You may not need the space but isn't it nice to know it is available. 
No hassle, safe hosting is our only goal!
Best Wishes,
Kevin Davidson, MBA
Marketing Manager