Welcome to our News page! We love the internet and want to share our enthusiasm about our clients, us, and topics like web design, ecommerce, email, marketing, and other web-related subjects. Enjoy!

We Launch the New Website for Safety Tank of Maryland Inc.


Since 2005 Safety Tank of Maryland has been a leader in propane recycling.  Safety Tank helps their clients reduce waste and keep their facility safe from  potential hazards of discarded propane tanks. Visit Safety Tank of Maryland at

They asked RP Design Web Services for a site to promote and brand their propane recycling business.

Safeguarding Your Business


Hosting is more than simply paying to keep your website up, it is also keeping your business safe.
In the web world of hackers and crackers, all websites are vulnerable to hacking even major corporations. When you host with RP Design Web Services, we strive to keep your web presence safe and secure.  However, it is important to keep your website up-to-date. Aging code, password exposure, etc. may put your website at risk.

Premium Plus E-mail Upgrade


Good News! 
We have increased the amount of storage for each of your mailboxes to 25 GB from the original 10 GB at no cost to you for Premium Plus E-mail. This upgrade vastly increases the number of e-mail messages and attachments that you can store in your mailbox.
You may not need the space but isn't it nice to know it is available. 
No hassle, safe hosting is our only goal!
Best Wishes,
Kevin Davidson, MBA
Marketing Manager

Summer Rates on Enhanced Services


We have expanded our business and services.

To share the good news, we are now offering enhanced services in the areas of web:

Design: Mobile Websites
Programming: Business Automation
Promotion: Web Advertising
Page Content: Consulting

Please call for special summer rates.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,


Robert P. Davidson, Ph.D.

We Develop a New Website for Karen D. Scioscia


Karen hired RP Design Web Services to develop a site that will allow her to communicate with her readers and promote her new book, "Kidnapped By The Cartel".   The site also brands Karen and showcases her many talents.  From her site, you can read her weekly column, read her Yahoo articles, view her fun photos, and connect with Karen on Social Media.

Law of Web Attraction


A well-designed web site will get noticed, but by itself is not enough to grow the sales pipeline. To stand out from the crowd, you need to augment traditional outbound promotion (newspaper ads, TV, radio, e-mail, etc) with inbound Web Attraction.  That is, ATTRACTING prospects to your web presence and once there SELLING then on products and services.  This flow of qualified visitor traffic results in a continual stream of prospects and leads for the business sales pipeline.

Redesign of Murray-Benjamin Electric Website found at


Murray-Benjamin Electric of Stamford, Connecticut, hired RP Design Web Services to design a “professionally designed” website that is easy to navigate as well as provide sales & marketing features such as a searchable catalog of MIL Specs. The site will strengthen their brand and displace operating costs.