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Welcome to our News page! We love the internet and want to share our enthusiasm about our clients, us, and topics like web design, ecommerce, email, marketing, and other web-related subjects. Enjoy!

Automate Your Social Media with Ads

Stop Wasting Time doing Social Media yourself. For a limited time we will give you access to our professional social media team that will create 15 DAYS of Social Media Content valued at $499 for FREE. Everything is automated so there is no waste of your time. For example let’s follow a Facebook post:

If you click on link, you go to article that has our ad on bottom right:

Weapons to Find and Excite Customers

RP Design Web Agency exists to get clients business and we employ a variety of tools for that purpose. More than just tools they are custom weapons that either Convert prospects to clients or Attract them.


  • A custom website with a clear message to close sales
  • Video commercials that tell your story
  • Social media sequences that make phones ring
  • Customer testimonials that sell products and services