Manage Your Domain

Thank you for selecting RP Design for your new business web site. We are looking forward to working with you. Here are some tips on how RP Design can help you with your domain(s).

1. Select a name for your new web site: It is time for you to select the domain name that provides the house address or URL for visitors to get to the web site. Select several that you would find acceptable since other companies may use some. Go to Google and enter your domain name in order to verify that it is available. It is good if the engine cannot locate the domain name you have chosen.

2. Add additional domains to your site: You are not limited in the number of domain names that you can have pointing at your web site. Sometimes it is good business practice to have multiple names. Please let us know so we can redirect traffic from the additional domains to your web site.

3. Register or transfer a domain to our server: Sometimes this gets tricky so if you are not familiar with the Internet, please let us do this. Just fill in our contact form and we will notify you when it is completed. Note: it may take several days to a week after the change is made before you can see it.