Mobile Website

Okay, you have an excellent website. When searchers go online using their desktop or laptops and arrive at your website, it provides a positive positioning of your business and services. It offers, states why they should do business with you, ensures them of your credibility,and issues to call to action. 

Did you know of a new technology, one that you may have already own, has added another dimension to how individuals search for information online? Did you also know that Google predicts that by sometime in 2013 more searches will be initiated from smartphones(iPhone, Droid, Blackberry) than from desktop/laptops? The change has already taken place in 2012 when individuals search for a nearby restaurant. Furthermore, it is expected that a record number of smartphones will be sold in 2012.

Your website that is pretty and easy to navigate via a desktop/laptop PC does not look so pretty and is almost impossible to navigate on a smartphone. Smartphone users expect to able to access and execute commands via their thumb or finger without having to pinch and enlarge. Consumers are beginning to expect a desktop similar experience via their mobilie devices.

In a survey of smartphone uses, 55% of respondents replied that a frustrating experience hurts their overall opinion of that brand. Not having a mobile friendly website helps your competition. If a mobile prospect goes to your website and does not find it to be "mobile friendly", 79% of mobile searchers say they are likely to search elsewhere. They click off your website and go to your competitor's website.

Some additional results from a 2012 Google study are:

  • 70% of mobile users compared prices,
  • 65% have read product reviews,
  • 50% of mobile searches leads to sales.

As you can see, a mobile friendly website can lead to more prospects that you convert to customers, which leads to more business.

By default, smart phones have constraints, i.e., tiny screens, limited bandwidth and navigation. When RP Design Web Services develops your mobile website, we optimize the design to address this environment, encompassing it is working on all mobile devices and  platforms. The mobile web design that we develop for you will also have a fast download time and easy navigation. In addition, our mobile website retain the branding already established by your desktop/laptop website.

These are some of the benefits of our mobile website development. Allow our mobile web design experts to support your business goals by developing for you an online mobile presence to compliment your desktop/laptop presence.