Do you know what Email Phishing is?


Phishing is online identity theft. Phishing involves an e-mail fraud method in which the cyber criminal sends out legitimate-looking email for the purpose of gathering personal and financial information from recipients. The messages appear to come from well-established and trustworthy Web sites such as a bank or financial institution. These messages ask for password, credit card, or other account updates

Premium Plus E-mail Upgrade


Good News! 
We have increased the amount of storage for each of your mailboxes to 25 GB from the original 10 GB at no cost to you for Premium Plus E-mail. This upgrade vastly increases the number of e-mail messages and attachments that you can store in your mailbox.
You may not need the space but isn't it nice to know it is available. 
No hassle, safe hosting is our only goal!
Best Wishes,
Kevin Davidson, MBA
Marketing Manager