Working With Our Team

Web Site Design or Redesign
With regard to what needs to happen, there are several steps. Some are things that you may already be doing or have done to promote your business, others may be new. If at any time you get confused, please do not hesitate to call us.

1. Design and Layout: If you have noticed other web sites that appeal to you, please send us the address. It helps our designers to see what kind of design style we should create for your custom web site.

2. Next decide on what business image you want to project - friendly, professional, serious, customer-oriented, etc. The designers need to know this.

3. Now you need to gather the content for the web site. This includes your logo, images, text, business information and product descriptions. The site will have four main pages; the most important is the Home Page. Consider this to be your billboard. The visitor should immediately see what your business does and what you can do for them. Next is the About Us page. This is your opportunity to introduce your business to the visitor and describe what sets your business apart from the competition. The Products and Services page(s) should tell the visitor what you sell and how to purchase. Finally, the contact form should get the information from the prospective customer that you need to pursue a sale. Please feel free to provide content for other pages.

4. Choose some E-mail aliases that you would like to represent your business. Aliases are E-mail addresses that are redirected to your actual E-mail account. For example, looks more professional than a E-mail address.

Once you have gone through these steps, please forward to us the results, preferably in electronic form.

Web Programming
Developing a web application is an interactive process. Please send any information you have about your application to our Director of Programming.