Email Marketing: Connect with Customers

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers. With over 6.5 billion email accounts in use worldwide, its evident that people love receiving emails from businesses they trust. But most businesses aren't as familiar with email marketing as they should be. Thats why the majority of B2B marketers don't have their own email service provider (ESP). Most B2B marketers are forced to work with an ESP that charges high fees and has a limited selection of features. However, becoming an expert in email marketing doesn't require a lot of money or extra time. In this article, well show you five strategies you can implement to boost your creativity and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

Create email content your customers love for email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build customer relationships. But many B2B marketers forget this and send out dry, one-sided emails that don't engage their audiences.

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The first step to improving your email marketing is to make sure your emails are actually being opened.

You can use email tracking software to see how many subscribers actually read your emails. While 40% is a decent number, you'll want to aim for a 95% open rate. If you can get your emails opened, you can customize the content to engage your audiences.

You can also send email drip campaigns to help you understand how your subscribers are interacting with your emails. Email tracking software allows you to see how long your subscribers read each email, how long they spend reading (and clicking on) different parts of the email, and where they open your emails.

These insights can help you improve your emails, which can ultimately increase your ROI.

Show when someone replies to you

Many email marketers don't understand the value of showing when someone replies to you.

Email Marketing in Cheshire CT

The majority of email marketing software doesn't show this data, so its easy to overlook.

By showing when your emails are replied to, you can show your readers that you're relevant. This can encourage your readers to reply to you and share their ideas.

Showing when you get replies also shows your readers that you care about your business. It reassures your readers that you're actively listening to their needs and addressing their needs.

Finally, showing when people reply to you can help you avoid the "I'll reply to you later" mistake. By showing you when your emails are replied to, you can set a reminder so you never forget to reply.

Don't over-send during the holiday season

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with your customers. The majority of marketers, however, make one common mistake: they over-send during the holiday season.

Email Marketing in Cheshire CT

The majority of holiday-themed emails that you receive are marked with over-sent indicators. If you receive a lot of these emails, you may want to pause your campaign for a few days.

While you don't want to stop all your emails, its smart to pause for a few days. This will give you a chance to sample and try different approaches, which can help you boost your creativity and find more effective ways to engage your audiences.

Use data to personalize your messaging

Personalizing your emails with data is another strategy that can help boost creativity. You can use data such as how long your readers spend on each email, what sections they click on, what language they read, and more to personalize your emails.

For example, if one of your readers is struggling with a particular section of your email, you can use this data to customize your emails.

You can also use data to create series of emails that get delivered to other subscribers. For example, if one of your subscribers regularly orders coffee from your company, you can create an email series that sends coffee-themed emails to other subscribers.


Email marketing is a proven method for building relationships and driving sales. But many businesses make one common mistake: they over-send during the holiday season.

In order to boost your creativity, you need to customize your emails, show when people reply to you, and use data to create personalized messages.

These strategies can help you create emails your customers love and boost the ROI of your campaigns.