Are You Mobilized?

To find out if your website is considered mobile friendly, use this Google-provided link: Mobile-Friendly Test.

If your website’s not mobile yet, better get a move on! We’ve got some suggestions for you.

On  April 21st, Google’s long anticipated and much discussed new criteria for internet searches on mobile devices takes effect, (all languages around the world) and there’s bound to be an impact on the search rankings for many businesses—particularly the kinds of local businesses that tend to be searched on phones and tablets—retail, restaurants, professional services, and so forth.

With these changes, websites that are responsive or optimized for mobile devices will be ranked higher; and sites that don’t make the grade will sink in mobile search rankings. The reason for this, according to Google, is to make the Web a more effective and useful experience for mobile users, since that is how people, in ever greater numbers, are accessing the internet.  

If your site doesn’t pass the test, you’re going to want to take action to fix the problem right away. Mobile is the most frequent way people access the internet. Your web presence needs to be there for them or it will no longer be competitive.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your website, now’s a great time to do it because your new site will be mobile friendly. There are hoardes of web services companies about to descend upon you, if they haven’t already. They want to build you a mobile site, and they have plenty of tactics to scare you or push you to buy their services.

However, if you have a web services company that you already have a relationship with, speak to them first. We urge you not to buy the first cheap deal someone offers you, especially if you have a custom site. Consider these factors when looking for someone to create your mobile website:

1. References and Experience:
Does the developer have experience with mobile websites and responsive web design (RWD)? Check out other sites they have built. If you have a website, ask about your particular situation. If you have a custom website, can they build you a custom mobile site with the functionality you need?

2. Business and Internet Credibility
Does the web company understand your business and your mobile customers and how they use your site?  Also, will they ensure that your brand is carried over to your mobile site if they are building a mobile version of your site?

3. Speed:
Customers won’t wait for more than 3 or 4 seconds for pages to appear in their browser. Ask if your developer is aware of techniques to create pages that load faster.

4.  Analytics:
Will your services provider Install web analytics such as Google Analytics, so that you can collect information about your site’s performance?

5. Followup: 
Does your contract include a period of adjustment after the initial launch to address any issues you may encounter?

6. And--- cost:
Cost varies, depending on your particular circumstances. If you are having a new website built, it will be responsive (will adjust to be seen properly on mobile devices) or mobile friendly and the cost should include the mobile site.

If you have a website that is more than five years old or built with aging technology, it may be more cost effective to rebuild your site to obtain better security and effectiveness, in which case it will be mobile friendly.

A stand alone mobile site may also be created; your web services company should ensure brand continuity and the functions you need for your mobile website to perform well.

Google is putting the changes in effect April 21st. Call RP DESIGN, right away! We’re your very experienced, very knowledgeable web services team!
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