Are You Reengaging with Your List?

Are You Reengaging with Your List?

If you are like most businesses there’s a failure to communicate.  

As the pandemic lessens, reengaging with your email list, especially existing or past customers warms them up for your restart. Why? Look at the statistics:

- It takes 5x as much money to get a new customer 

- People who know you are 50% more likely to try something new and 

- Will pay 31% more money for the service 

Reengaging with e-mail is a science not an art. If you have the time to do it yourself, we will give you access to instructions on how to do, using our proprietary mapping software

There you will find a map on how to engage with customers using email.

Edit the map that I put there and mouse over the items of interest.

Using maps will also allow you to get your relaunch plan, beginning with a marketing calendar – see above.

If you want us to do-it-for-you (DFY) or have any questions, just call.