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Get Corp Web Design Launch


Quick Client Profile

 Global Environmental Technologies Inc. (GET Corp.) started in 1995 as a manufacturer representative selling for several Fortune 500 firms, including 3M, Emerson and WATTS.

 Business Challenge

The challenge was to a develop a professional Website that would allow prospective customers to locate their world wide locations.

We accomplished this by developing a custom website that reflected
Global Environmental Technologies Inc. values.


Mobile Email


A Comscore report found that 89.6 million Americans used their mobile phone to access email for work or personal purposes during the three-month average period ending November 2011, growing 28% from the previous year and representing an additional 19.5 million mobile email users. In November, nearly 2 of every 5 mobile users in the U.S. used email (both smartphone and non-smartphone users), with penetration much higher among just smartphone owners at 78%.

Come Experience the Total Body Fitness Spin Studio


Are you looking to burn calories and stay in shape? Are you looking to increase your metabolism?  Do you want to improve your cardiovascular health by lowering your heart rate and improve your endurance? 
If the answer is yes, come and visit CycleINPlace, an indoor cycling studio, located in Newtown, Connecticut. Join us for a fun cycle work out!

Quick Client Profile

Secure your Home Networks


Home wireless networks are the most common way providing Internet connectivity to your devices at home and well as sharing information among them. People connect to the Internet and share data and features across their smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets on their wireless networks. By having these home networks come risks. Without certain protective measures, hackers may be able to access the Internet as well as the devices on your network.

Do you know what Email Phishing is?


Phishing is online identity theft. Phishing involves an e-mail fraud method in which the cyber criminal sends out legitimate-looking email for the purpose of gathering personal and financial information from recipients. The messages appear to come from well-established and trustworthy Web sites such as a bank or financial institution. These messages ask for password, credit card, or other account updates

A Future RP Design Web Design Programmer in the Making

We have good news–the stork has delivered as promised the birth of Daniel Markov! We are delighted to hear of your baby Daniel.  Everyone here sends their congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Svetoslav Markov on their new addition to the family! A future RP Design Design Web Programmer in the making.

We wish you and your new little boy Daniel Markov health and every happiness. Congratulations on this addition to your family.

Best Regards,