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Increasingly, people go online to get their first impression of a company. Are you satisfied with the image that your website currently projects to the world? Is your site a show-stopper sales maker‒or could it use some help? Our professional web design and writing services can make your smaller to mid-size business website as effective as those of your larger competitors by using striking visuals, creating or reinforcing your corporate image, and providing the kind of information that your target market wants.

After we perform an individual analysis of your particular situation and it’s determined that your site requires a unique approach, we will design and implement a fully custom solution for you at the most economical rate possible. Unlike discount shops which usually lack depth of expertise, RP DESIGN will create a website unique to your specific needs.

We understand that building a website can be a challenging experience, so we make our web design process as easy as possible for you. Call us. Tell us what you want. We’ll assess your needs, propose appropriate web design solutions, and add the kind of functionality that you require. Our solution will meet your goal and fit your budget! Call 800.847.3475 or click to contact.

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As part of your internet presence, it’s vital that your website be mobile-friendly for all devices including smartphones and tablets. Because of the explosive rise of searches done on mobile devices, Google changed the way websites will be ranked in mobile searches. A website must be mobile friendly—either responsive (which adjusts to whatever device it’s viewed on) or as a separate version of the desktop site. The aim is to make searching easier and more meaningful for people using mobile devices because that is how today’s internet searches are increasingly conducted.

As a result of this change, Google will penalize websites that do not show up well on phones and other mobile devices. If, for instance, the content appears disorganized or too small, links are too close together, phone numbers are not click-to-call, or if navigation is difficult, your website ranking will slip.

For another thing, people expect you to have a mobile presence. Do you really want those potential customers to have a hard time finding you, especially when they can find your competitors right in their pockets?

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If your website is burdened with slow loading pages, broken links, old images, non-functioning forms, or information that’s not current, people will turn away and not return! Your place in the search listings will suffer. Why turn over business to your competitors, when a well-designed and maintained website can keep you in the game!

On websites we design, you’ll have access through our Content Management System to change simple content yourself as needed; but we know that not everyone has the time or inclination to do it.

We’ll make the changes for you if you have our Maintenance Service, in addition to reviewing your site to make sure the links are up to date and the site is working properly.

A smooth user experience and a website that reflects the image you want are worth maintaining! Give us a call to learn more! 203-271-7991 or use our contact form.