Get Introduced to 100 Potential Customers

Get Introduced to 100 Potential Customers

We are reaching out to help businesses in this troubled time with a BETA program where we will INTRODUCE 100 other businesses to your Services in the local area and nationally if needed.

Specifically, what we will be doing:

1. Paying for the list of leads

2. Sending out 3 emails introducing your business

3. Writing multiple subject lines for testing conversions

4. Tracking all the analytics and reporting them to you

We are doing this all at no cost to you, and all we ask in return is 5 minutes of your time to give us feedback on how this service has helped get you more exposure and potential business.

It's simple. Outside of this BETA program we would usually charge $1000 a month for this service to get all this exposure of introducing 100 new businesses to your company but we are giving these services away for at no cost.

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