Hyper-Targeted Traffic

Conventional traffic generators like Google, Facebook, etc. send visitors to your website due to their interests and profile, for example, 1. Male 2. Between 38 and 59 3. Divorced 4. Two Kids 5. Self-employed 6. Likes automobiles, etc.

Display advertising can also generate this type of cold leads, and has the advantage of being able to retarget 100% of the visitors to your website for 90 days with 10 different ads. Now we can also selectively geo target individual buildings (addresses), neighborhoods, towns, etc.

It’s simple: You now can target locations where your potential clients hangout like convention centers, or even your competitor’s office.

Auto Dealers can place ads on the cell phones of people while they are getting their car repaired at another dealer. One dealer using this advanced advertising got a call from a customer of another garage who had just gotten a quote of $12,000 to repair his car. The dealer said come on over and I will take $2,000 off and made a new client on the spot in real time.
Attorneys: A family law attorney can target the main Family Court House and the competing law firms. A real estate attorney can hyper-target realtors and other competitor attorneys, picking off their customers.
Accountants: Target the offices of other accountant firms.
Landscapers: Target new developments and high-end ones. Using Google Maps we can even pick out areas that have trees.
Firms Looking to Hire: Target Schools and companies with employees with the right skill set 
The list goes on so think of how your business may benefit and give us a call.