Sixth in a series from RP DESIGN Web Services about website basics and the nuts and bolts that make your website work for you.


In the series, Putting Your Website to Work, so far, I’ve provided brief descriptions of some of the major components of your website, but once you have it up and running, it needs specific areas of marketing support to function that way you want it to, whether you’re looking to build your organization or build your profits.

Crucial to your website success is VISIBILITY. To meet that challenge, your website and web pages have to show up where people search for your company or your products. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the major search engines; and there are others which comb your site to find key words that will help people find you. However, that content optimization isn’t the only support your site needs to attract your target audience.

Your detailed business profile should be distributed through the big data warehouses that power 95% of on-line search. A competent and proactive full service web marketer can ensure that your business profile will show up in more than 150 digital distribution points, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in on-line yellow pages sites like Superpages and Yellow Pages, portals and guides such as Citysearch and AOL, on mobile devices, navigation services, Yellowpages. com, social networks, and navigation services. Your competitors are most likely found in those places; so your site needs to be visible, there, too! 

An attentive website marketer will help build a rich profile for your business or organization, including accurate basic information, descriptions of your products and services and include the details that specifically build customer relations like directions, payment methods, hours, and more. This helps ensure that potential customers will find you!

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