This article introduces a series of topics, "PUTTING YOUR WEBSITE TO WORK," from RP DESIGN WEB SERVICES, about website basics and the nuts and bolts that make your website work for you.

The Law of Web Attraction

You've got a great looking website!  It's got excellent visuals and engaging copy.  But your website is only part of your online presence. To attract attention and visitors to your site, you need to augment traditional outbound promotion (print ads, TV, radio, e-mail, flyers and mailers) with inbound Web Attraction. That is, ATTRACTING prospects who are looking for what you have, and, once they're at your website, SELLING them your products and services. This flow of qualified visitor traffic results in a continous stream of prospects and leads for your business.

To take advantage of the Law of Web Attraction, first determine your most profitable customers; and second, find the most effective ways to get them to your site.  For the lowest possible cost, this type of advertising has the advantage of reaching precisely the people who want your products and services. Other ways of attracting customers are global Search Engine Placement, Social Media, and, of course, Web Content Design.

Web-centric advertising done right can produce big results, using the power of the internet and your on-line marketing materials to bring customers to your informative, easy-to-use, attractive website that sells.

You DO have an informative, easy-to-use, attractive web site, don't you?


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