Videos That Get Customers

You may be aware that the most effective way to get new clients today is with your business Reputation. Good or Bad...reputation affects your bottom line.

Your website should already have one ingredient, Reputation Management, that allows clients to review your business and prospective customers to see the reviews. The next step is Reputation Marketing using videos that convert. These videos show up when clients are using the search engines or social media to find your products/services. Our new video division creates three types of videos: story, reputation, and expert. They may be different but their purpose is the same: to land new clients. Examples of each are show below:

These videos convert. Google search for:

1) “reputation marketing in southington ct” to see video story that would fit your needs and there’s even a free version to try it out:

2) “Tiffany Tampa Reviews” to see a video testimonial:

3) “cosmetic dentist lake park” to see a video that touts you as an expert in your field:

Let me know what your prospective client would do when they see this type of video with your phone number.