Web Redesign for Entertainer Chaz Marquette

22 feet in the air...
That's the way high-energy comedian Chaz Marquette does every performance.
He unicycles, he juggles,he performs incredible stunts and feats of balance that will blow your mind. And he gives his all...without the benefit of a safety belt.
He has been doing unicycle stunts since 1980. At one point he trained 9 hours a day, 4 days a week and won 5th place in freestyle at the World Unicycle Competition. Visit Chaz Marquette at http://www.chazmarquette.com/
Chaz Marquette asked RP Design Web Services for a professional redesigned website to promote and brand his unicycle entertainment business. This redesigned website showcases the unique talents of Chaz Marquette. The new website is fun to use so try it.