Why Web Advertise Now?

 That’s easy to answer since the traditional media – newspapers, TV, billboards, etc. are falling by the wayside. The profit is being sucked out of newspapers, recording is killing TV and billboards can’t keep our attention with our busy lives.

Big Idea: We all communicate thru the web so why not advertise and market the same way. There is a pattern of forces that we recognized that makes our advertising win. These are:

Economic: The cost of mobile communications is going down as the speed is going. So, delivering advanced video commercials is no brainer. Also 80% of people that view video will remember message 30 days later.

Mobile: Cell phones account for over 60% of all web traffic and there are 8 billion phones.

Social Media: – Facebook alone has over 2 billion monthly active users.

Reputation: An astounding 97% of consumers check a company’s reputation before purchasing.

Recognizing these forces have transformed us into a superior agency providing web advertising at a price that any size business can afford.

Let us show you how our technology automates your advertising.